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Buyers have the option to bid and purchase properties using Vulture Auction’s leading-edge, competitive bidding platform. Throughout the bidding process, buyers will have access to exclusive property information, the latest inventory, personalized property matches, onsite and online education, and customer support. For more information, Contact Us.


Q1. Do I need to join Vulture Auction to bid?

Yes, you need to be a member of Vulture Auctions and purchase the credit package to make a bid.

Q2. What’s involved in registering?

Click on MY ACCOUNT. Then fill out your contact information under Sign Up to Vulture Auction. Then click on Create Account. You will receive an email to confirm your account. Once you confirm your account, you are ready to start bidding and selling. Good Luck!

Q3. Can I inspect a property before the auction?

No. Once you’ve located a property on, you will be taken to a property details page. There you will be able to click on “Contact Seller” and request an inspection. Most properties will have open public inspection periods and we recommend you perform any inspections.

Q4. What is an auction service fee?

There are no auction fees. However, buyers must purchase a Credit package in order to place a bid whereas sellers must purchase listing packages in order to list a property.

Q5. Do I get insurable Title?

Yes. Most properties are transferred by deed prepared by the seller (i.e. special, bargain and sale, quit claim, U.S. Marshal’s, trustee’s, etc.) with insurable title as determined by the title company indicated on the contract. A customary owner’s title insurance policy is issued for each property.

Q6. Can I use my own title company?

Yes. However, the terms of sale which are stipulated in the contract will still apply. Specifically, that the insurable title as prepared and offered by the indicated title company shall be the standard agreed to and accepted by the parties for conveyance and that the buyer shall pay all costs already incurred and required by that title/closing company. Therefore, you may use your own title company to close the transaction, but you may still be responsible for some costs incurred by the original title company.

Q7. Can I use bank financing?

Yes. However, the properties are being sold without contingencies, "Cash, As Is, Where Is" so you should be pre-qualified by a lender as to the amount you can afford to spend for a property being sold for "Cash, As Is, Where Is."

Q8. Will I know on site if my bid was accepted?

You will be notified by email. If you are the high bidder on a property selling absolute or without reserve that means there is no reserve value and the high bid is the sale price. If a property is not being marketed as absolute or sells without reserve the high bid is subject to seller confirmation or approval. For properties subject to seller approval, the high bid is irrevocable for a period of 14 calendar days.

Q9. How do I bid?

In order to place a bid, you must first buy a Credit Package. Click the “Place Bid” tab. Enter your bid by typing that amount in the “Your Maximum Bid” field. You will be asked to confirm the amount. The amount can either be a current bid or a proxy bid.

Q10. Can I place a bid as time is expiring?

Yes. To ensure fairness, our system automatically extends the auction time by three minutes any time the bid price is raised with less than three minutes remaining. This helps eliminate last-second bidders who attempt to snipe the bids.

Q11. What do I do if I need help?

If you have questions, we have customer service representatives available seven days a week. You can reach them by calling 833-4VU-LTURE or email at Upon us receiving your email. We will respond to you within three business days.

Q12. What happens if I am the high bidder online?

Congratulations!! You’ll receive a winning bid notification. Expect a call from one of our closing representatives to verify your selected form of payment and walk you through the closing process following seller acceptance.

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